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Millmix Agro is a company founded in 2004 that offers the design and building of feed mills, grain storage and transportation equipment.

Our customers are competitive entrepreneurs who are well aware of the importance of feed quality and accurate preparation in maintaining a healthy herd. By modernizing the feed system and wisely customizing available technologies, many farms have managed to reduce labor costs and feed consumption.

Millmix Agro offers its customers equipment manufactured by the Austrian company Gruber Maschinen, which, thanks to its excellent quality, practical use and durability, has been recognized by leading grain processing companies throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Our projects


Our team

  • Stanislav Rybak Representative of Millmix Agro in Ukraine

    Inspired by the experience of European colleagues, Stanislav implements it in Ukrainian livestock farms.

    He treats each client and task extremely responsibly, considering each project individually.

    He successfully combines his knowledge and experience gained over the years with the working methods developed by the company's European colleagues and partners in order to implement the wishes and needs of each client as accurately as possible.

    Thanks to his self-devotion and careful attitude to work, he creates a long-lasting partnership with each client, which often acquires a mutually friendly character.

  • Janis Bojarunecs Project manager

    Janis is the member of Millmix Agro team since 2005.

    Every new order is perceived as a creative challenge, each customer's idea and need is explored in detail to even the smallest nuance, to develop the most appropriate project.

    Janis is well versed in the current market of the industry, regularly follows innovations and is genuinely curious about the latest achievements of engineers in the field of grain systems and not only in that.

    He convinces that each client is special and each project is completely and absolutely unique.

    While working on equipment drawings, he pays attention to everything, even the smallest details, asks questions, looks for the most appropriate solutions to achieve the best possible result according to the needs, wishes and capabilities of the client.

  • Girts Vejins Member of the Board, CEO

    Girts is the only one in the Millmix Agro team who works 24/7, even if he is out of the office.

    His work capacity and never-ending renewable energy is a source of ability to continuously supervise all projects, from the first sketches to the last signature.

    He is proud to be familiar with every customer of the company, no matter where in the world he is located, and is convinced that he is personally responsible for any results achieved by his team.

    In 15 years of cooperation with customers and leading European grain systems and equipment suppliers, he has developed hundreds of larger and smaller projects, so now based on experience he is 100% certain that in a field of feed and grain systems he is able to realize every client's needs and expectations

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