hybrid cleaner

The hybrid mobile screw conveyor with a built-in aspiration cleaner and an integrated fine impurity separator GRUBER “VRKH”

VRKH is an extension of the VRK cleaner (screw conveyor with built-in aspiration cleaner).

In this modification, a mesh separator of fine, relatively heavy impurities, such as sand, crushed grain, fine grain, weed seeds, etc., is added.

The diameter of the separator screen opening is 3.5 mm.

Most of these impurities are separated during grain transportation by a screw conveyor.

Further, the grain, as in the VRK version, rises up the conveyor and enters the aspiration cleaner, where the grain is cleaned of light impurities.

The supply of material and the quality of cleaning are regulated by dampers.

Cleaner performance

Model VRKH-100 VRKH-120 VRKH-150 VRKH-200
Performance, t/h 7-12 10-15 15-23 30-40

INDUSTRIAL precleaner GR-series

The grain and corn cleaner operates according to the cyclone principle and is suitable for separating particles that are lighter than grain (husk, dust, small grain, etc.).

TYPE: GR 12 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 60

Owing to the separation of these small particles, grain becomes clean and healthy, thus ensuring longer storage for the grain.

Air supply and therefore also the cleaning quality can be adjusted with an air valve at the outlet from the cleaner. Cleaning intensity can be adjusted also by regulating the ventilator motor speed with electronic means.

Main features:

  • Separates particles that are lighter than the set weight
  • Cyclone can be set up together with a cleaner or separately
  • Cleaning products and waste can be fed out through hoses
  • Cleaning capacity ranges between 12–60 t/h depending on the model.