Feed turner Bobman ProMax


The BOBMAN livestock equipment make regular cleaning and maintenance work easy.

  • Switch the tools in under a minute
  • Easy to navigate through tight areas
  • Complete the work from the operator's seat and in one run!

BOBMAN Promax is equipped with larger wheels than its predecessors. This feature provides higher ground clearance and advanced ability to overcome edges and rough surfaces in the barn.

Equipped with front work LED light to provide better visibility in the early mornings or late evenings.

Not just a product, but a solution!

  • Feedturner for pushing up & blending the feed
    • Improve feed efficiency and reduce labour costs
    • Reduce leftovers and feed selection
  • Double brush for easy cleaning & sweeping of feeding area
  • Manure scraper, side-brush & mini powder disinfection dispenser
    • The favorite choice of the dairy farmers using only lime or powder disinfectant
    • Increases farming efficiency as it reduces the time taken to clean out the stalls or the milking cubicles of your livestock.