Indoor round silo

Intended for indoors installation.

  • Silos with capacity of 5 – 370 m3
  • Diameter (DM) from 2.2 m to 7.5 m
  • Height from 1.25 m to 8.45 m
  • Intended for storing grain and other loose materials
  • Owing to the smooth walls, dust and material slides easily and does not get stuck to the walls
  • The sturdy wall construction (up to 1.5 mm thick sheets) ensures great stability and long useful life
  • Standard set includes a wall base and rings, as well as fixing brackets on walls
  • There is an option to equip it with ventilation equipment
  • There is an option to set up the free standing funnel inside the tower (up to 6.0 m DM) with or without ventilation
  • Towers of up to 4.5m DM can be installed directly on the funnel at an angle ranging between 35o and 60o