Diagonal Mixer

Universal mixer both for fodder and corn silage (CCM)


SML – zinc-coated top, lacquered bottom
SMT – zinc-coated top, stainless steel bottom
SMN – stainless steel top, stainless steel bottom

  • Mixing accuracy 1:100 000 (tested at the Agro-Biology Institute in 2002).
  • Practically no dust escape, quiet and fast mixing process – only 3–10 minutes of mixing time
  • Direct transmission via gear drive
  • An option to set up mixer inlets, outlets, and filters in the necessary position allowing to adjust to the production circumstances as much as possible
  • An option to set it up on a scales for accurate dosing
  • An option for manual addition of admixtures; very low-situated opening for adding admixtures
  • Easy to clean inside – a large opening
  • An option to set up a mill or crusher directly on the mixer
  • Various sizes available: 180 – 1000 kg